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The Boston Bruins could very well clinch the Stanley Cup this year. There are several reasons people are getting enthusiastic about this possibility.

The Power-Play

Having a strong power-play unit in hockey is extremely important because it can save you in critical scenarios where you need to generate offense. The Boston Bruins have always had a strong power-play unit with top players like Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron.

Offensive Abilities

The Boston Bruins are extremely strong, both offensively and defensively. If we focus on their offense, it becomes quite clear that they are able to generate scoring chances against almost every single team that they play. The offense is traditionally not important as a defense in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but it is still important if you want to win playoff games.


Every team that survives deep into the NHL Playoffs has a solid goalie. It is absolutely imperative to have a great goalie because that is the final line of defense to prevent goals for the opposing team. Average teams in the defensive zone can be bailed out time and time again with a solid goalie. The good news for the Boston Bruins is that they have two great goalies with Tuukka Rask and Jaroslav Halak.

Tenacity and Strength

The Boston Bruins have long been recognized for their tenacity and strength. They previously outlasted the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2011’s Eastern Conference finals to make an unlikely run to win the Stanley Cup. That series went to seven games and they showed incredible tenacity and strength to outlast the Bolts and advance to the finals. They continue to show similar levels of strength across all categories of their game and their tenacity could be a crucial ingredient to winning the cup again.


It always takes a little bit of luck to stay healthy, get favorable calls from the referees, and have goals go in for you in the playoffs. The Boston Bruins have had their stretches of good and bad luck over the years. If they can find a little bit of luck in their upcoming playoff run, then it is absolutely possible that the Boston Bruins could be raising the Stanley Cup again in the near future.