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After an unusual season in 2020, the 2021 NHL season begins sometime in early January. It is also the perfect time to start preparing for your fantasy hockey league because it helps to get a head start. The effort you put in now will go a long way towards determining your success throughout the season. In addition to starting early, here are four other helpful strategy tips for fantasy hockey.

Study Your League Format

You do not want to enter the draft room without a good grasp of the rules. This information should be the first thing you look for when signing up for a league. Every fantasy hockey league is slightly different, and they all have a set of rules about things like the number of managers, starting roster spots, and stat categories. The differences from league to league will drastically alter your draft strategy. You must use each of the unique leagues’ formats to your benefit when coming up with a draft plan.

Practice With Mock Drafts

The draft is the most important day of the fantasy hockey season. While you cannot certify a win within your league with a good draft, you can certainly ruin your chances of winning with a bad draft. Since the lineup is so important, you must fine-tune your skills as much as possible. The best way to do this is by participating in mock drafts. This will help you tweak your draft plan while also learning the real value of every player.

Do Not Ignore Goalies

You may be tempted to ignore the goal-tending position because they contribute to fewer stat categories than skaters, but this is a huge mistake. Since there are a limited number of starting goalies in the NHL, they are the most critical position in fantasy hockey. It is nearly impossible to win your league without a solid group of goalies on your roster. Make sure to get at least one stud goalie during the draft.

Stay Active During Season

The fantasy hockey season is a long grind, it runs from October to April, and you must stay active the entire time to win your league. Be sure to monitor the free-agent list regularly to pick up hot players before each competition. You will also need to monitor your lineup on a daily basis. If someone is not playing on a given day, then get them out of the lineup stat.