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Fans of the ice hockey game are well aware that this game is not for the faint-hearted. In a similar fashion to football, ice hockey involves a lot of intense physical contact and can often result in serious injuries. A significant injury that happens in ice hockey is a concussion. A concussion occurs as a result of the brain shifts inside of one’s skull. As a result, this affects the functionality of one’s brain cells and can lead to dizziness, headaches, and losses in cognitive functioning. There are ways that players can prevent concussions from taking place. In this piece, we were going to go over how concussions can be prevented in ice hockey.

First of all, hockey players can prevent concussions by engaging in proper techniques when making physical contact with other players. First of all, hockey players can help avoid this injury by avoiding checking opponents in the head. A failure to do that can result in a penalty in certain hockey leagues. If this penalty is enforced effectively in hockey leagues, this will lead to a decline in concussions overall.

In addition, concussions can be avoided if hockey players avoid checking opponents from behind. This improper technique can increase concussion injuries if there aren’t adequately enforced rules in place in hockey leagues. Also, the rule must be reinforced by parents of hockey players for the purposes of ensuring safety.

As a matter of fact, parents play a pivotal role in the prevention of concussions. In addition to making their kids understand the penalties that may prevent concussions, parents can aid by respecting the hockey officials that are in authority and who assume responsibility for making these calls. Parents can also assist by collaborating with the team’s head coach.

Finally, concussions can be prevented if amateur hockey players can avoid the disturbing trend of locker boxing. This activity involves hockey players boxing with gloves and helmets on. Often, this activity involves efforts to deliver blows to the head.

Coaches can prevent this by implementing locker room rules that ban locker boxing. It may be a good idea for teams to implement locker room supervision.