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There are several hockey drills that you can perform and practice on a regular basis that can significantly improve your skills, consistency, and overall ability in the sport of hockey. In this article, we are going to discuss some popular drills that you might find to be useful during your practice sessions.

Shooting Accuracy Drill

One of the most popular hockey drills that players like to practice is for shooting accuracy. Attaching shooting targets to a hockey net and aiming for them can help to build accuracy and consistency with your hockey shot. Some of the greatest hockey players use this practice method to improve their wrist shot accuracy.

Stickhandling Drill

Stickhandling is one of the most important concepts in the sport of hockey. It can be extremely important to enhance your puck control so that you can out-maneuver your opponents and keep the puck in your team’s possession. There are many ways to try and improve your stickhandling without any costly accessories or resources. One popular method to improve stickhandling is to take a few hockey pucks and line them up in a formation a few inches apart. You then alternate stickhandling with different pucks between the gaps to try and get through all of them without touching any. 

Slap Shot Power Drill

Utilizing the slap shot in competitive hockey games is not only a huge crowd-pleaser, but it is also a great way to catch the opposing team’s goalie off-guard. The faster the slap shot, the higher the success rate since these hits are very difficult to stop for opposing goalies. You could give yourself a great chance at scoring for your team by mastering a powerful slap shot or one-timer shot. All you need for this drill is an empty hockey net and a few dozen hockey pucks. The idea is for you to practice shifting your weight and building up the strength to improve the overall power of your slap shot. Powerful slap shots take practice and it is all about shifting the weight across your body, while simultaneously building as much strength as possible. This skill requires a lot of consistency and strength in order for it to be successful.