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In all of the great sports such as basketball, football, and hockey, the head coach always plays a significant role. A good head coach is able to craft superior game plans and get his coaching staff to be on the same page. In addition, a good head coach must be able to motivate his team in spite of the various personalities that exist within his team and in the locker room.

In hockey, it is no secret that some of the best hockey teams have been led by some legendary head coaches. In this piece, we are going over some of the greatest head coaches in the sport’s history.

Al Arbour

Residents of Long Island will be familiar with head coach Al Arbour. Al Arbour had a brief three-year stint with the St Louis Blues. Yet, the pinnacle of his coaching career was his 20-year stint with the New York Islanders. To say the least, his tenure was successful. Al Arbour led the New York Islanders to an astounding four consecutive Stanley Cups between 1980 and 1983.

Under his leadership, the New York Islanders won 19 consecutive playoff series. He led the New York Islanders to 50-win seasons three times. Due to his success, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1996.

Joel Quenneville

Joel Quenneville has had a legendary coaching career and is looking to add to his legacy as the Florida Panthers’ current coach. Quenneville had a brief stint with the Colorado Avalanche organization. After that, he would become head coach of the St Louis Blues. During his entire seven-year tenure as coach, his team made the playoffs every single year. However, Queeneville’s coaching legacy would be permanently established during his tenure with the Chicago Blackhawks. He would go on to win three Stanley Cups during his time with the Blackhawks. Quenneville is second all-time in victories with 890.

Scotty Bowman

Many believe that Scotty Bowman is the greatest coach in the history of the NHL. He coached for five teams and only missed the playoffs twice during his 30-year career. Bowman ranks first of all-time because he won an incredible nine Stanley Cups with three different NHL teams.